Revive’s beginnings were inspired by a touching story that resonates with many. One that also sets the foundation for Revive’s key vision to give back.


Owning a health food store was never on the horizon for owner and operator Volkan Cagdas. However, this all changed when Volkan was delivered the news his father - his best friend, was diagnosed with cancer. 

Volkan admits his father didn’t lead the healthiest lifestyle. Nevertheless he tried to give him all the healthiest support he could. After his father sadly passed in 2015, Volkan became determined to inspire prevention over cure. When he saw the then known store ‘iRevive’ come up for sale in 2016, he knew this was the healthy opportunity he’d been seeking. Leaving a corporate background in investment banking, he is now also furthering his education in Naturopathy. 

If we ate the right foods and got healthy, we would be doing a great deal to prevent disease and cancer – Volkan.